It’s all about Communication

For all your language queries English to Dutch, or if you’d like to have your Dutch text proofread on style, spelling and grammar, you have come to the right address.


Translations English to Dutch

Of course, you would want to know who you are giving the floor to when it comes to your communication; whether it is a technical manual, a pep talk for your staff, or information about your product or service, you don't let just anyone do it.

My name is Angelique Hersman. I am a native speaker of Dutch and a professional (sworn) translator of English into Dutch. As a seasoned translator, I have 6+ years of full-time experience, which makes me fully compliant with ISO 17100:2015.

I am also accepted as MCIL with CIOL, approved as Proz Certified PRO, and registered in the Dutch Register of Sworn Translators. Each of these required peer-reviewed tests and multiple credentials.

Sworn Translations English to Dutch

As a sworn translator, sworn in by the Dutch Court of Appeal in 2019, I can provide you with a ‘sworn’ or ‘certified’ translation, accompanied by my unique registration number, stamp, date, and signature.

In some cases, a ‘sworn’ or ‘certified’ translation is not enough. Some documents require additional legalisation by a court to ensure their international legality. In most cases a short statement from the clerk of the court is sufficient to make the document valid. This declaration is called an apostille.

Restricted by my chosen lifestyle, as a slow traveller spending only a few months per year in the Netherlands, I do not offer additional legalisation of the translation. The requirement of having to send the document back and forth to a Dutch Court for the apostille would make the authentication both time consuming and unaffordable.

In most cases, a sworn translation with my statement and stamp will suffice.

Proofreading/Editing Services

You know perfectly well what to tell your clients or audience, but where you excel in your area of expertise, your texts might not be flawless.

I can help you with that. Let me do what I do best, and ensure your writing is error-free and reads well.

And as an editor, I can help you tweak your text here and there to make it, even more, a pleasure to read.