It’s all about Communication

For all your language queries English to Dutch, or if you’d like to have your Dutch text proofread on style, spelling and grammar, you have come to the right address.


Translations English to Dutch

Of course, you would want to know who you are giving the floor to when it comes to your communication; whether it is a technical manual, a pep talk for your staff, or information about your product or service, you don't let just anyone do it. Read more....

Sworn Translations English to Dutch

As a sworn translator, sworn in by the Dutch Court of Appeal in 2019, I can provide you with a ‘sworn’ or ‘certified’ translation, accompanied by my unique registration number, stamp, date, and signature. Read more...

Proofreading/Editing Services

You know perfectly well what to tell your clients or audience, but where you excel in your area of expertise, your texts might not be flawless.

I can help you with that.
Let me do what I do best, and ensure your writing is error-free and reads well. Read more...

Angelique Hersman

Sworn Translator
Registered Dutch Wbtv No 25443

About me

My name is Angelique Hersman. I am a translator for over 6 years now, and just started with the second half of my life. Together with my family, I slow-travel through Europe. On average we live in one place for a year, and, of course, we have strong bonds with our family and friends in the Netherlands. We /love to/ soak up the local culture, which is always easier when you’re part of the community, even if it's for a short while.

I like to explore the local geology, flora, and fauna, and where possible I visit a few farms. It is wonderful to see how different people farm in different countries. Agriculture and veterinary are not just my specialties in translation, it’s in my blood.

Technical and IT-solutions

In technical translations, diligence is always important. Whether it concerns strictly regulated Safety Data Sheets, or straightforward, easy-to-read technical manuals for complex engineering or medical equipment. It can even potentially be lifesaving.

I am good at explaining complicated things in simple terms, so that users of your equipment don't have trouble following the manual. Read more...

Agriculture and Veterinary

If you are an international agricultural producer or supplier operating on the Dutch market, you need a translator who understands your field like no other.

With my vocational training in animal husbandry, my various internships as a veterinary assistant and my hands-on experience in the sector, you're in the right place with me. Even better, it's part of my heritage. Read more...

Business Communication and Human Resources

It is important for you that carefully crafted text in your own language has the same meaning and appeal in the language of your customer, business partner or employees. This requires more than simply transferring words and phrases into another language; the translated text only really comes to life when a local sauce is poured over it. Leave this to me with full confidence. Read more...