It’s all about Language

For all your language queries English to Dutch, or if you’d like to have your Dutch text proofread on style, spelling and grammar, please contact me without strings attached.



Time to go international? I’ll turn your English content into naturally flowing Dutch texts, adapted to the purpose at hand. Your readers will never suspect that this content was originally written by a non-native.

My areas of expertise include: Medical (Cardiovascular), Healthcare & Nutrition, Business Communication / legal, Market Research, Human Resources, Online Training / E-Courses and Pets, botany & Zoology.


As a sworn translator, accredited by the District Court Den Haag, I can provide you with a ‘sworn’ or ‘certified’ translation, accompanied by my unique registration number, stamp, date and signature.

Upon request I can also provide you with an ‘authenticated’ translation, where a Dutch authority has authenticated my signature on the translated document. In many cases a sworn translation will suffice.


You know exactly what to tell your clients or audience, but where you excel in your area of expertise, your texts might not be flawless. This is where I step in. Let me do what I do best, and ensure your writing is error free and reads well.

Affordable pricing

Delivery of the service will be in close consultation. Ask for a quotation, tailored to your particular needs free of any obligation.


As a translator my services include translation, turning your English content into naturally flowing Dutch texts, adapted to the purpose at hand.

Angelique Hersman

Sworn Translator
Registered Dutch Wbtv No 25443


As a Sworn Translator, with over four years of translation experience under my belt, and as a student on the Open University for International law and legal studies, I’m well prepared for delivery of an accurate reproduction of the original text. Your witness statements, expert reports, policies, and Terms & Conditions are safe with me.